01 January, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year people!

Today is the first day of 2014 blogpost! Looks cool on blogging but the disadvantage of blogging on Dayre is that you missed that day if you want to post but you didnt get to post it. Okay sounds chim but anyway, I missed the post!

Back to topic. Spent my day at home listening to radio, doing my stuff and catch up with the advance episode of "Yes We Can"! Awesome show indeed! Catch it when its out next week!

See you and have a great night ahead!

31 December, 2013

At the end of 2013..

It's my last post over here for the Year 2013!
Thank you everyone for reading this blog!

Such a fruitful 2013 and I love this special moments.
Recalling back the fruitful event for the year 2013.

1 Jan: 96 Cafe site visit with Gina and Lingshuang + Meetup with friends
2 Jan: Skarf A/S
4 Jan: Dinner with Lingshuang and Gina
5 Jan: TNP Event with Shine Koh
11 Jan: Its a wonderful life TV premiere
13 Jan: Yahui gathering
18 Jan: Campus Superstar Musical Showcase
20 Jan: Adeline gathering
26 Jan: Love Life @ Ngee Ann Poly
27 Jan: Giant with Yahui and Sora

3 Feb: Ming Bridges Showcase & Jimmy birthday
8 - 12 Feb: Chinese New Year celebration & friends birthday
15 Feb: New domain set up!
18 Feb: Campus Superstar Round 1A
22 Feb: Dinner with IHIS Colleagues
23rd Feb: 987 Double D Harlem Shake
25 Feb: Campus Superstar Round 1B

1 Mar: Chongqing last day @ Y.E.S. 93.3
2 Mar: Campus Superstar Roadshow @ MDIS + Janet's birthday celebration
4 Mar: Campus Superstar Round 2
11 to 20 Mar (weekdays): Reservist / In-camp training
25 Mar: Campus Superstar Preview
30 Mar: Saving General Yang gala
31 Mar: Campus Superstar Final

13 Apr: Meetup with Valerie
16 Apr: Judgment Day Gala
19 Apr: Meetup with Lis and Janet
20 Apr: 96C cafe roadshow & Meetup with friends for Judgment Day movie
20 - 24 Apr: R.I.P Huang Wenyong
21 Apr: Star Awards Show 1
27 Apr: Ladies First roadshow (Kelly Poon)
28 Apr: Star Awards Show 2

3 May: Yeo Min's performance & Valerie's Farewell
9 May: Glass Anatomy The Musical
11 May: Lunch Express and Toggle Roadshow
15 May: Derrick Hoh @ NP
16 May: Checkup @ SGH & Hey Gorgeous @ TP
17 May: Yahui bday celebration
17, 21 - 23 May: NP & TP Graduation Ceremony
25 May: Fangrong bday celebration
26 May: 96Cafe roadshow
29 May: Last day of work @ TTSH
31 May: Steven graduation day & Outing with friends

4 Jun: Filming - Sudden
7 Jun: Filming - Gonna Make It
8 Jun: Sheng Siong show - Bonnie
10 Jun: Start of school
15 Jun: JEM Opening
22 Jun: Asia Style Collection
23 Jun: The Dream Makers Roadshow
25 Jun: Dinner with Michelle
28 Jun: Kenneth birthday celebration
29 Jun: Joy Truck event + Dejavu

7 Jul: That Girl In Pinafore event
8 Jul: Hey Gorgeous Semi Finals
11 Jul: Skarf Korean Resturant
13 Jul: Xiaogui autograph session + Bonnie event + Kbox
15 Jul: Hey Gorgeous Finals
19 Jul: Advance celebration for Desmond
26 Jul: Play Kitchen + Dad's birthday
27 Jul: TV50 roadshow
28 Jul: YES 933DJ Hunt Search Finals + SCAPE
30 Jul: That Girl In Pinafore gala

4 Aug: Heartworks! with Sorarity
10 Aug: Bowling with Sorarity, SKARF event and game session
13 Aug: Birthday celebration with family
14 Aug: My birthday
15 Aug: Partying @ Velvet
16 Aug: Unbeatables movie with Xian Ying
17 Aug: Shokubutsu Event + Movie Date with Julie
18 Aug: Ah Gong bday
23 Aug: Meetup with friends, Charles and Keith opening, ILO ILO movie sneak preview
24 Aug: That Girl In Pinafore A/S + ILO ILO Gala
25 Aug: ILO ILO Meet and Greet with director + NTU Music Express
30 Aug: Y.E.S. 93.3FM LIVE broadcast
31 Aug: TV 50 roadshow + 8 days eat event + Singapore Night Festival

12 Sep: SNRD Groundzero Launch + Supper with friends
15 Sep: Site visit - Yes we can
21 Sep: TV50 roadshow + Julie bday + Outing with friends
22 Sep: Finding U roadshow + Outing with friends
24 Sep: Site visit - Yes we can
25 Sep: Preview screening of Gonna Make It + Site visit: Scrum
26 Sep: Ming Bridges MTV Session
27 Sep: Site visit: Scrum
28 Sep: Groundzero opening + Are u up for it filming
29 Sep: Mayday 3D Movie

5 Oct: TV 50 Roadshow + Valentino Rudy + Dinner with Sorarity
6 Oct: Filming: Yes We Can
9 Oct: Gonna Make It with Julie
13 Oct: Meetup with Eileen Wee
16 Oct: Site visit filming: Scrum
20 Oct: Filming: Scrum
26 Oct: Site visit filming: Scrum + S.H.E Concert
29 Oct: Meetup with Lamyi

2 Nov: Meetup with Serenthia & Guys
7 Nov: 3 Peas In A Pod Press Conference & Gala Premiere
8 - 10 Nov: 3 Peas In A Pod Roadshows I, II, III, IV
10 Nov: Meetup with Kenneth, Jianmei and Evonne
16 Nov: TV50 roadshow, PassionArts, Supper with Viviann, Yihui and Minghui
17 Nov: Meetup with Ling En, Sis belated birthday
20 Nov: Meetup with Paige Ang
22 Nov: Singapore Hit Awards
24 Nov: Clarisse 1st month baby shower

7 Dec: Westgate, Flea Market (Xavier, Tracy), Elvin book autograph session and Supper with Viviann, Steven,and Vincent
8 Dec: HDB Xmas with Leeteng
9 Dec: Changi Airport
11 Dec: Meetup with Steven
13 Dec: Meetup with Shan Le
21 Dec: IPPT
25 Dec: Merry Xmas
28 Dec: Meiling wedding
29 Dec: Wenhui's bday

Other than having those fruitful events, I also had some sad moments too. One of my friend and a few artiste passing on makes me feel down but nevertheless, they are now in their another new life up there. Gonna move on and treasure our lives...

08 November, 2013

The 3 Peas meet again at gala.

[About 3 Peas In A Pod]
3 Peas In A Pod is a story of friendship, love and freedom. Three university students studying in Australia decided to go on a road trip before they graduate and go back to their respective countries to embark on their working lives. Little do they know, this farewell holiday is a trip that would change their lives forever.

[My views]
After looking into the biography of the individual casts, I get to know more about the individuals.

There's no pictures right now to represent on the event but I still want to thank Michelle Chong, Peiwen and Shermaine for the tickets specially for us! It was an awesome to get such a great ticket from you! Will post up picture if I can source it out!

Bascially in this movie, it's all about a story of 3 friends going on a life-changing road trip in Australia and discovering much about themselves and one another.

After watching this movie, yes, I felt the sadness, laughter and the warmth of friendship between the three of them. It was a truely an awesome movie! I should really say that because Jae Liew has put in lots of effort to work out on her first virgin movie. And of course, Calvin for demonstrating his song live (as you also have seen it on MV too) and his good English. Of course, definitely, Alexander, you are great! And of course, the director for everything. The beautiful scenery, the beautiful scenario and the beautiful casts. And of course u r cute! hahaha!

I shouldn't elaborate more....
In overall, I shall rate this movie 10/10.
You should watch it!